Sports Club

The main focus for the after school sports club was 'where am I and where I want to be'. This means that the children practiced and demonstrated to the group all the skills they knew and were good at, they then chose a skill they weren't so good at and worked to achieve them over the 5 weeks.
The Children  chose to do a roly-poly on the bars which she did with support then independently and developed his balancing skills on the beam.
They all gained confidence with heights and eventually climbed over the top of the climbing frame.
We spent a lot of time celebrating our own and each others success and really worked on building up the children's confidence and self esteem.
Another focus was the topic which was 'People Who help Us'. So we used ladders to step over and the climbing frame to climb up and over. Then relay and team races to get the fire engine, hose and water to the fire.