We Need You!

15th February 2017

Our next BIG fund raising project is the all inclusive play area.

We need to raise up to £70,000 and we need YOUR help!

The all inclusive play area is fully integrated to enable wheelchair users and able bodied children to play safety together.

The accessible playground equipment is designed to allow easy access for wheelchair users, incorporating large ramps, towers, wheelchair roundabouts, climbing ramps which will enable wheelchair user to build upper body strength.

There will also be a basket swing for children who are in wheel chairs and sensory paths with, bent mirrors, raise ramps, textured paths and sensory musical instruments.  

This will improve children's confidence and will enable children playing together and maximising play provision making new friends.  

The project will provide the children with various play apparatus to encourage creative thinking, strengthen communication and decision making skills, develop motor skills and promote a positive attitude to outdoor play.

If you would like to help us raise money for this project or have any suggestions please contact school.

We have set up a crowd funding website, this is where you can get your friends and family to donate to the project.

Please click on the link below to jump to the crowd funding website.


Please share this link with your friends/family and ask them to share it too.